Composite Technologies was born, as a specialized service provider for the experimental aircraft industry, located in a small shop in Savannah, Georgia.

Operations then moved to Merritt Island, FL., to start building high-speed, multi-passenger turboprop composite aircraft for both private and government end-users.

It was in the course of this work that Composite Technologies developed extensive expertise in complex and diverse composite lamination techniques, as the finished products needed to not only be lightweight, but structurally capable of withstanding the rigors of flight, operating on both land and sea; two vastly different environments.

It was during this time that a long-term involvement with a customer building vertical skydiving flight simulators began, brought about by Composite Technologies knowledge of structural lamination techniques that enabled it to build very large composite structural components that were both lightweight and extremely strong. These products were held to tight tolerances, not only to fit within existing structural framework, but also sized to work within shipping constraints for both domestic and overseas customers for locations all over the world

From the beginning, Composite Technologies has operated as a full-service provider, capable of original design, prototyping, mold-building, and production of finished parts. Those capabilities have expanded to include 5-axis CNC machining on multiple machines, 3D laser scanning, metal fabrication, and water-jet cutting services.

Our customers have included all the major Orlando theme parks, NASA, ATK, as well as second-tier contract work for military contractors. Composite Technologies stands ready to provide you with end-to-end services, from concept to finished product, or to any stage in between.

Merritt Island machine shop, composite tooling and metal work facility.