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Composite Technologies operates as a full-service provider, capable of original design, prototyping, mold-building, and production of finished parts

Fabrication and Prototyping

Using our machining and fabrication capabilities with composites, foam wood and various metals, we can create mock-ups and prototypes for anything from scooters to aircraft.


With our 5-Axis and 3- Axis CNC routers, we can cut complex 3D shapes up to 20 feet long in a variety of materials. We have multiple machines to process your project as quickly as possible,


We have a state of the art 5-axis water jet which cuts up to 60 degree angles; sizes up to 12' x 72" x 9" thick. Cutting and engraving metals, plastics, rubber, wood, stone, glass, signage products and composite materials

Engineering and Design

3D modeling, design and engineering with various CAD packages. We can assist in the design of just about anything you can dream up. We also offer laser scanning or 3D printing.

Metal Forming & Tube Bending

We operate a 12ft. 90 ton press brake and a 10 ft. shear which can cut up to 10 gauge steel. Our tubing bender can bend tubing up to 2" diameter


Our certified welders, use TIG, MIG, and SMAW to weld steel, aluminum, stainless steel as well as aerospace alloys

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A message from our CEO

"We aim to design and build good quality products. We keep our commitments to our customers and conduct our business in an amiable and meaningful way." - Steve Darrow, CEO.

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